Vendor Licensing Agreement

Ready to License with the University of Oregon?

After you’ve read the Licensing Policy and submitted a Licensing Application, we will send you a Vendor Licensing Agreement upon application approval.

Following is an overview of the standard University of Oregon Trademark Licensing Agreement. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Nita Nickell at (541) 346-6035, or e-mail

Nonexclusive Right

The agreement grants to licensee limited nonexclusive rights to use selected university marks on licensed articles.

The university’s sports mascot, the Oregon Duck, is copyrighted by Disney Enterprises, Inc., and this agreement does not grant the licensee permission to use that logo. The university is not currently accepting licensing applications for the Oregon Duck sports mascot logo.

Royalty Rate

Royalty rates vary from 10-15% of net sales, to be paid quarterly to the University of Oregon.

Advance Royalty

Should a trademark license be issued, a nonrefundable royalty advance payment of $2,000 for apparel or $750 for all other products is required when the license is secured. This advance may be applied toward royalties owed during the initial term of agreement.

Minimum Royalty Guarantee

All licensees must meet a guaranteed minimum royalty payment equivalent to the advance paid ($2,000 for apparel, $750 for all other products) each fiscal year. Companies that do not meet the minimum royalty guarantee will not have their licensing contracts renewed.

Quarterly Royalty Reports

A royalty report must be submitted quarterly whether or not there have been sales. Statements are due no later than 30 days following the end of each quarter.

Quality and Design Approval

All items proposed for licensing must be submitted to the university for review. These items should be either non-logoed items or items bearing marks procured through other licensing agreements. Once items have been approved, licensees are required to submit design concepts featuring UO marks via e-mail for the UO’s initial review. If the design concept is approved, licensees are free to move forward with sales and production. Once initial production is complete, one finished item of each licensed product must be submitted to the university, free of cost, for its final review. If the design concept was approved and the finished sample matches the design, licensees do not need to wait for approval on the finished products prior to shipping. If there are concerns with the finished item, licensees will be asked to make changes prior to another production run.

U.S. mail address

Office of Marketing and Brand Management
University of Oregon
5286 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5286

Shipping address for FedEx or UPS

University of Oregon
Marketing and Brand Management
10th & Mill Building
360 E. 10th Ave. Suite 202
Eugene, OR 97401-3273

Hold Harmless Clause

Licensee agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the university from any claims, suits, causes of action, costs, damage, or expense arising out of production, manufacture, or sale of logoed products in the amount of $1 million. A certificate naming the University of Oregon as additionally insured must be submitted to the university with the signed contract.

Notice of Intent

The University of Oregon manages a selective licensing program. A small number of new licensees are approved each year. Submission of a licensing application should not be interpreted to suggest a licensing agreement will be issued.